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SM05S Verity 5" Monitor

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1 A division of Component Solution Services, LLC. 56600 Twin Branch Dr., Mishawaka, IN 46545 Please read this manual completely before operating the SYSTEM 5-INCH “S” SERIES SYSTEM Part # SM05S © 2020 Verity Rear Vision Systems Est. 2002 with over 18+ years of the Latest Engineering, Highest Quality, Best Support COST EFFICIENT

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2 TABLE OF CONTENTS & PHONE NUMBERS ABOUT US PAGE 2 THINK SAFETY PAGE 3-4 SYSTEM FEATURES PAGE 5 SYSTEM COMPONENTS PAGE 6-7 SYSTEM CONNECTIONS PAGE 7-8 MONITOR OPERATIONS PAGE 9-11 SYSTEM DIMENSIONS PAGE 12-13 KEY OPTIONS PAGE 13 WARRANTY PAGE 14 TECH SUPPORT PAGE 15 SALES 574-807-6005 TECH SUPPORT 574-807-6004 WWW.VERITYRVS.COM VERITYRVS® Our tech support is manned by real people in front of all of our powered-up systems prepared to knowledgeably talk you through an issue solution – not a person with no knowledge in front of a spreadsheet of prepared phrases. Verity=24/7 support for OEMs and Fleets.

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3 ABOUT US Component Solution Services, LLC offers the Verity Rear Vision Systems ® (Verity) to meet any requirements and price point within the trucking, specialty vehicles, and RV industry. Verity is also home to the Supreme View® line of specialty format systems. Our standard cabled systems offer unparalleled features into the trucking and RV industries. Designed for professional drivers, Verity develops and markets products and applications to transmit video, audio, and data either individually or in all combinations. The company has also developed, manufactured, and marketed different kinds of personal and vehicle video cameras, DVRs, and accessories for the commercial transportation, fire/rescue, and marine OEM markets. The photograph above shows our new 5,000 ft addition.Use this barcode or link to visit our website

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4 THINK SAFETY Read our manual before operating or installing this system. Most likely, your system came pre-installed so the installation section would be for reference. Thank you for your purchase of our Verity Rear Vison System SM05S. When installed and used properly, your SM05S is designed to deliver you years of trouble-free operation. This manual contains important information required to properly install and operate the unit. Verity units are designed for quick installation by trained professionals in proper installation environments. Our designs are based on decades of working with vehicle manufacturers. Verity products are intended to be installed as a supplement and our observation systems and/or products are not intended for use as substitutes for rear-view mirror devices, or for any other standard motor vehicle equipment which may be required to be installed on vehicles by law. Verity products promote improving the vehicle operator’s field of view. Our products are no substitute for proper defensive driving techniques, observance of traffic laws, and motor vehicle safety regulations. Installation Location It is unlawful in most locals for any person to drive a motor vehicle equipped with a television viewer/screen located at any point forward of the back of the driver’s seat (or in any location that is visible, directly or indirectly) to the driver while operating the vehicle. Our systems are designed to be used primarily as a rear observation device. DO NOT OPEN ANY COMPONENT. There are no serviceable parts inside any of the components of the SM05S. Opening the product will break the tamper indicators and void the warranty. Contact our tech support if a problem should arise: 574-807-6002. For faster response, fill out a service ticket found on our website.

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5 WARNING ♦ Do not place heavy objects on cables or cover them with carpet or mats. ♦ Do not place cables where they can be crushed in any manner. ♦ Our systems are designed as a driving aid. Watching videos, broadcasts, DVDs and/or any images other than intended driving assistance cameras is prohibited. CAUTION ♦ To avoid damage to the electronic circuit, stop using this product while doing welding work to the vehicle and/or trailers. ♦ Never immerse any component in water, and do not employ spray cleaners. When cleaning, use a damp lint-free cloth only. ♦ Connect this unit only to other compatible devices. ♦ Although our products have built-in surge and cross polarity protection, make sure all cables are connected properly; improper cable connections may damage the camera and the monitor. ♦ Cables should not be allowed to touch hot or rotating parts, such as the engine, ventilator, etc. ♦ Do not locate the monitor near heat generating vents or devices. ♦ Turn off power to the monitor when connecting the camera. Monitors are not designed to be waterproof. (Our SM07F waterproof monitor is the exception). Exposure to water, such as rain, may damage the unit.

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6 SYSTEM FEATURES MONITOR SPECIFICATIONS (Monitor part #MK05S) Screen size: 5-inch digital screen (16:9) High Resolution: 800 × 480 Pixel (RGB) System: PAL/NTSC selectable Contrast: 400:1 Brightness: 450 cd/m2 Power supply: DC 9V~28V with reverse polarity protection Operation temperature: -30°~80°C Storage temperature: -20°~70°C Monitor view angle: Horiz. L(70) R(70) Vert. UP(50) DOWN(70) 3 AV with shrink labels trigger wires, Auto blue screen if no signal on the activated channel. Size: 5 ½” (W) x 4” (H) x 2 1/8” Weight: 14 oz. Features: Removable HD sunshade, LED blue light buttons, high-quality processor, in-line waterproof fuse plus onboard resettable fuse, easy to use OSD menu function via buttons: Mirror/Normal image, plus horizontal flip, multi-language, high-output speaker CAMERA SPECIFICATIONS (Camera Part #C001S) Horizontal Resolution: 600 TV Lines TV System: NTSC Image Type: 1/3 Inch Color CCD Sharp® (or equivalent) (no cheap off brands used) Effective Pixel: 510 x 492 Illumination: 0 Lux (built-in 17 high output IR LEDs for night vision) Aluminum Housing Waterproof: IP69K Power Supply: DC 12V (power from the monitor) Shockproof: 10G Operating Temperature: -40°~70°C Built-in Microphone Viewing Angle: 170°

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7 SYSTEM COMPONENTS Weatherproof Camera with nightvision 20-Meter Camera “Fan” Style Mount 13-pin to 4-pin Monitor Harness 5-Inch digital LCD monitor Manual

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8 SYSTEM COMPONENTS This monitor can be mounted on the dash and also on horizontal and vertical surfaces. Make sure the view is suitable for the driver to observe the images. Take care not to block any necessary viewing area when mounting. Before mounting the system, permanently hook up all connections to ensure proper operation. Mounting Monitor • After determining the monitor location, position the monitor support bracket, mark the bolt hole location and then drill the holes. Be careful not to drill into any other surface that wires and components may be hidden. • Attach monitor Fan bracket • Connect one end of the power cable (wire) to the proper connections. Connect the other end of the power cable (plug) to the monitor; connect the monitor and the camera with the 13-pin system connecting the cable. (see page 9) Camera Connection Thru-wall Gasket to Seal Thru Vehicle Exterior Waterproof Aviation Connectors Be sure to use the vibrationi gasket when installing the camera. It is package with the camera hex wrench.

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9 CABLE CONNECTIONS DCChassis GroundFuseCamera two trigger wireCamera three trig ger wireCamera one trigger wireCAM 1CAM 3CAM 2 Wire Connection Key: ♦ RED wire to ignition hot (+) 10-26 volts ♦ BLACK wire to ground (-) (please use a chassis ground post) ♦ BROWN trigger wire is for camera 1. Connects brown trigger wire to backup light wire or backup beeper wire. This connection is needed to activate the monitor when putting the vehicle into reverse. ♦ BLUE (CAM 2) trigger wire for accessory cameras (side cameras etc.) DO NOT power this wire unless you intend to trigger a second camera. It will be connected to your trigger power source, such as a turn signal light wire. ♦ YELLOW (CAM3) trigger wire for accessory cameras (side cameras etc.) DO NOT power this wire unless you intend to trigger a third camera

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10 MONITOR OPERATIONS Buttons from Left to Right Switches cameras CH1 (default) CH2, CH3 Menu Control Button Power Off/On button - The red color is standby mode /- Blue color is for when the system is powered Volume Decrease / Menu Down Volume Increase / Menu Up Light dimming window Not Used

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11 MENU OPERATIONS MENU OPTIONS The menu button operates the menu: The following are examples of how the menus work. The down and up arrow buttons control decreases and increases. Menu Press 1 time PICTURE: Brightness, displays on the screen. BRIGHTNESS IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII…………………….. 20 Menu Press 2 times CONTRAST: Contrast, displays on the screen. CONTRAST IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII…………………….. 20 Menu Press 3 times COLOUR (Color): displays on the screen. COLOUR IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII…………………….. 30 Menu Press 4 times VOLUME: displays on the screen.

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12 VOLUME IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII…………………….. 20 Menu Press 5 times. ZOOM Toggles between 16:9 and 4:3 image ratio Menu Press 6 times “ICON” Image Orientation: This selection flips each camera image individually both horizontally and vertically. This allows for a correct image of interior/forward-facing cameras. Menu Press 7 times Parking line functions Menu Press 8 times ACC Time time monitor stays on after the trigger wire is deactivated. It can be set to 0, 2, 5, and 10-second delays. SIDE CAMERA HOOK UP – when adding a side camera, set that camera delay to 2 seconds. Menu Press 9 times LANG (LANGUAGE): “Show English as primary language” displays on the screen. LANG ENGLISH Menu 10 times RESET: Resets the monitor to factory setting

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14 KEY OPTIONS C100Z Camera Cover C115 Side Camera

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15 Verity Rear Vision Systems A division of COMPONENT SOLUTION SERVICES (CSS) LIMITED ONE (1) YEAR WARRANTY 1. VerityRVS® products’ warranties are not transferable. The warranties apply to the retail consumer for one (1) year and covers against defects in material and quality. Cables are not warrantied. 2. Defective components will be replaced or repaired, based on a VerityRVS evaluation of the component. In-bound shipping charges, based on the VerityRVS rate allocated in the RMA (returned merchandise agreement), will be covered once the component has been deemed defective at the CSS warranty facility. The pre-assigned in-bound freight will be supplied upon the return of the product. All repaired/replaced warranty parts shall be for the remaining duration of the original warranty time period. 3. VerityRVS takes pride in our products and will aid in the processing of your components: a) All warranty claimants must have consulted our technical support department for troubleshooting and the acquiring of an RMA. Contact can be made via email at or call 574-807-6002. b) When the warranty claim is made, the consumer must establish the warranty start dates by presenting documentation regarding the date of retail purchase (e.g., bill of sale). c) Service performed by non-authorized service personnel may void all warranty claims. d) VerityRVS will make no payments for system removal or system re-installing, mileage allowance, or transportation expenses. The limited warranty does not cover damage resulting from misuse, accident, modification, or alteration to hardware or software, tampering, unsuitable physical or operating environment beyond product specifications, improper maintenance, or failure caused by a product for which VerityRVS is not responsible. There is no warranty for any product with removed or altered identification labels. VerityRVS DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY OTHER WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. SOME JURISDICTIONS DO NOT ALLOW THE LIMITATION OF IMPLIED WARRANTIES, SO THIS LIMITATION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. 4. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.

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16 Technical Support A service ticket can be found online and completed to supply the quickest service. The service ticket can be easily found on our web site or use the 3-D code below. Please have the serial number of the system, which is found on the back of the monitor when contacting the service department. We take great pride in delivering the most dependable product in the industry. Each item was 100% QC tested, and then we randomly recheck another up to 10% before it leaves our hands to you. We have a .024% issue rate for all Verity cameras and monitors over the past eight years. Email Tech Support: Phone Tech Support: 574-807-6004 Note: After office hours calls will be answered or called back as quickly as possible by one of our Tech Team. Please note: Technicians cannot provide pricing or availability. a division of Component Solution Services 56600 Twin Branch Dr., Mishawaka, IN 46545 574-807-6002 Toll-Free 844-875-4799 We at Verity Rear Vision Systems would like to personally thank you for purchasing our product. We at Verity strive to supply the best products at a compedtive price. We care that you enjoy a safe driving experience. Subject to change without notice © 2020 Verity Rear Vision Systems®